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Take your intuitions seriously, even if older bossy people tell you that you are deluded and self-indulgent. the word self-indulgent (let’s destroy it) inhibits breathing. Wayne Koestenbaum (via iamnicoleelsasser)


 Postcards from David.  While traveling in Europe from 1984 to 1987, David Wojnarowicz wrote a series of postcards to his friend Peter Hujar.  What I like best about the postcards is they way they show David as a person living life.  He is often remembered only for the art he created while living with AIDS-and it is powerful and important that we do remember.  Still, the simplicity of taking time to sit and write a postcard to a sick friend across the ocean humanizes Wojnarowicz.

Homodesiribus has a fine post about Peter Hujar (including my favorite photos of Daniel Schook).  There’s a fine Wojnarowicz article & interview by Steven Dubin at Art Journal.